My Pre-vis Demo Reel *Click Here*

Please change the video quality on youtube to HD 1080p for best viewing.

New Project

This is for Paranoid Delusions. It's a teaser picture for an upcoming project.

Rogue Project

I animated, modelled, textured, lit, rendered, composited and rigged this character

Chinese Painting

Cholly and Flytrap

I animated, lit, rigged, camera, layout, and did rendering

I animated, rigged, camera tracked, layout, and rendered this in Softimage XSI

3D head Work In Progress

Re-modelled and textured in Mudbox

Done in Softimage XSI

Milford's Junkyard Sale

This is some of my early work....

I modelled, rigged, animated, camera tracked, and rendered all this in 3D studio Max

Story Panels

Life Drawing Sketches and Paintings

First Post...

Greeting, I'm Alex and I will be your host for today's flight. Sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings. We will be flying at an altitude of 45,00 feet and cruising at the speed of awesome.